What do you get?

This is a flagship, executive program that is designed and structured to help clients make seismic transformations and get results quickly. 

Through this program, clients attend weekly one to one zoom calls with Melissa Stone, Your Career Coach on a day and time that mutually suits.  Throughout the program duration, you will be provided with tools and support including training videos, journal assignments, exercises and informational support.

Through this program you can expect:

  • Tools, exercises and grounding techniques that you can utilise throughout your career for LIFE LONG SUCCESS
  • Anytime, anywhere study, set at your own pace throughout the program
  • Mentorship and coach in your back pocket to ensure you are completing your assignments and holding you accountable to achieve the level of success you wish to pursue!
  • Expert material you are welcome to download at any time
  • Secrets of the industry that will help you gain clarity on your career, find fulfillment, and achieve the career success you dream of

The Career Coaching Transformation Package is €3,300 incl. VAT, however decisive action discounts up to 30% are available where applicable. Terms and Conditions apply.