Resume writing can be a massive's time consuming, and for many people it's tough to get right.

Here are 4 top tips to draft your perfect resume:

  1.  Use a consistent font and format that’s easy to digest. Most recruiters are scanning for key words that match what they are looking for. Make their job easier by laying out the resume in easy to read format
  2. Use bullet points and keep the resume to 1-2 pages maximum. Be specific about your experience, skills and strengths
  3. Highlight the greatest successes you have had in each role. Feel proud of your achievements -the Company wants to meet candidates that have done great things at previous workplaces
  4. Include all qualifications, skills, and role accountabilities you hold/have held that are relevant to the role you have applied for (look at the job ad and pull from this what the Company is looking for so they easily find this on your CV) Get rid of any “fluff” or unnecessary information that the Company won’t care about!

If all else fails, know that resume writing takes many years to master, and if you need assistance, contact Melissa today for Executive Resume Writing Support!

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