New Business Package image
Globally, clients come to Melissa seeking support in Career Transformation. For many people, a rich and fulfilling career means establishing their own business.

Through the New Business Package, Melissa can support any new business owner to:

- Understand and drill down into their niche market and ideal client
- Ascertain their social media marketing and who/how they are attracting as their dream client
- Help to imagine in practical and very real terms what their day to day operation will look like
- Guide people through the comms, up-selling and selling process so that they have a good understanding of their sales strategy as they establish their new business

The New Business Package will also include a number of tools, resources and assignments designed to help focus the mind and achieve the career success of your dreams.

If you are looking to establish a new business, or take a hobby or part time role you have been dabbling in to full time, contact Melissa today to discuss how Your Career Coach can support your new business goals and dreams.

New Business Clarity Package including career coaching session, resources, tools and assignments starts at €220 + VAT (discounts available where applicable. Terms and Conditions apply)