Melissa has spent over 20 years' at Senior HR Director & Executive Coaching level, having worked in Ireland, the UK, Australasia and the United States across a range of different industries and sectors. While this allowed her the opportunity to understand:
- what Hiring Managers are really looking for at interview
- what it means to be an effective and inspirational leader, and
- what it truly takes to find success at work

.... until she established her own business, she was limited to working only with those within her network or place of employment.

Today, Melissa owns her own business, free from the restraint of in-house coaching or consulting. 

By providing the tools and resources people need to break through beliefs, create confidence, & build the right strategy to take control of their careers, Melissa helps to empower clients through even the most challenging of career crossroads, job interviews, and new business establishment to achieve career success.

Contact Melissa for an obligation-free discussion on how Your Career Coach can help you to find career fulfillment and achieve career success today.

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