Achieve The Career Success You Want And Deserve

As a Global HR and Executive Coaching Director for over 20 years, I've helped thousands of professionals around the world achieve their greatest career goals and dreams.

Through Positive Psychology tools and techniques, and by sharing the Greatest Secrets of the HR Department, I will show you how to go from feeling unfulfilled and unhappy at work, to utilising your greatest personal and professional strengths and skills, feeling in control, and successful in your career.

The Career Transformation Program

Imagine if you woke up in just 30 days, and you felt MORE CONFIDENT than you have in years. You have complete clarity over your next career move, and you FINALLY feel ready to achieve life-changing career success.

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Is This For You?

This Program gets you the results you need to transform your career and finally achieve the career success you're looking for. Anyone can follow this system to achieve transformational success in their career!

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What do you get?

You will learn the exact systems & frameworks, as well as the best mindset tools that every professional needs to be successful. Through simple, easy-to-follow steps, you will learn how to achieve career success quickly & easily.

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Ever feel like you're spending COUNTLESS HOURS updating your resume and guessing at what you need to say on your job application?


Now You Can EXPERTLY Present Yourself On Paper With My Easy-To-Follow Guide To Identifying and Presenting Your Strengths In Your Resume.

Through my Resume Writing Services, you will not only RECEIVE A NEW RESUME FROM ME,  but you will learn the SIMPLE 5 STEP PROCESS of writing your next Executive Resume yourself in only 30 minutes!!

This is the EXACT BLUEPRINT that Professional Resume Writers around the world use every day! I'll even provide you with the Perfect Resume Template...all you need to do is upload your information!

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Break Free From Your Dead-End Job Even If You've Been Feeling Stuck For Years!

Through my interview coaching support and FREE Interview Success E-Book, you will get the results you need to transform your career and secure your next job offer without taking a pay cut OR wasting your time on endless job applications!

Fortunately, getting fast, amazing results at interview has less to do with industry-specific approaches, and more to do with know-how. I'll teach you how to feel:

- Confident talking about your top strengths and skills
- Fully aware as to how your knowledge, experience, and exposure to date aligns to the position
- Optimistic and excited about meeting with your potential new employer
- Positive and assured that you are a great fit for the role, and the best candidate for the job!

My interview coaching package is perfect for you if:

  • You want to feel confident at interview - successfully presenting your top skills in the right way
  • You want to feel in control of your career success and fulfillment at work
  • You don't want to waste hours of endless time with interviews that don't go anywhere
  • You want to have a happy and fulfilling career that allows time and money for you to enjoy the other parts of your life 

If you are looking for professional support and assistance in the run up to a job interview, contact Melissa today to discuss how Your Career Coach can support you to achieve your career goals and land the job of your dreams.

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Discover Top Entrepreneurs' Best Kept Secrets!

If you want to stop wasting time imagining your new company, and instead start taking ACTION to achieve your dreams, this coaching package will be the SINGLE MOST IMPORTANT program you will ever need.

Learn the secrets of establishing your new business, and what you really need to do to be a success!

- Understand and drill down into your niche market and ideal client
- Ascertain your social media marketing and who/how you are attracting your dream client
- Help to imagine in practical and very real terms what your day to day operation will look like
- Guide you through the communications, up-selling and selling process so that you have a good understanding of your sales strategy as you establish your new business

The New Business Package will also include a number of executive and leadership coaching tools, resources and assignments designed to help focus the mind and achieve the career success of your dreams.

If you are looking to establish a new business, or take a hobby or part time role you have been dabbling in to full time, contact Melissa today to discuss how Your Career Coach can support your new business goals and dreams.

Now more than ever Management want to ensure their staff feel engaged, committed and supported. Our Employee Engagement Survey Package offers Corporate Clients:

✅ HR Director and Executive Coach dedicated to supporting you across the entire process

✅ Questionnaire support to design a bespoke survey that meets your business needs

✅ Design and roll out of company branded online survey tool

✅ Survey access for your people (available via phone, pC or laptop) 24 hours a day during the survey period

✅ Post-survey analysis against up to date benchmarks (and/or previous year survey data where required)

✅ Detailed reporting of findings

✅ Executive Leadership Coaching Sessions for Management and Leadership team to help bridge the gap between survey findings and the required outcomes the business is seeking

To learn more about the Your Career Coach Online Employee Engagement Survey Package, contact us today!

Humm Payment Options

Humm offers interest-free, flexible payment plans to help you split the cost of your coaching purchase or package into smaller installments. Through humm, you can spend up to €5,000 over 10 weeks to 3 years.

How Humm Works

Simply decide how much you'd like to borrow and click on the link below to apply for the amount you like. Typical repayments start from around €20 per week. Click on the link below to apply today!

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Direct Payment Options

Alternative payment plans can be made directly through Your Career Coach over a 3-6 month repayment period. Minimum deposit of €200 is accepted for all payment plans.

Pricelist & Fees

Speak to Melissa Stone, Your Career Coach for a full list of services and package costs.

Melissa has spent over 20 years' at Senior HR Director & Executive Coaching level, having worked in Ireland, the UK, Australasia and the United States across a range of different industries and sectors. While this allowed her the opportunity to understand:
- what Hiring Managers are really looking for at interview
- what it means to be an effective and inspirational leader, and
- what it truly takes to find success at work

.... until she established her own business, she was limited to working only with those within her network or place of employment.

Today, Melissa owns her own business, free from the restraint of in-house coaching or consulting. 

By providing the tools and resources people need to break through beliefs, create confidence, & build the right strategy to take control of their careers, Melissa helps to empower clients through even the most challenging of career crossroads, job interviews, and new business establishment to achieve career success.

Contact Melissa for an obligation-free discussion on how Your Career Coach can help you to find career fulfillment and achieve career success today.

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