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For many people, the concept of attending an interview may conjure feelings of dread, loss of sleep, a lack of confidence, and anxiety about what is to come. Regardless of whether it is a telephone interview, digital interview, or face to face interview in really doesn't have to be this way!

Through the Your Career Coach Mock Interview Coaching Package, we can work together so that in the run up to any job interview you feel:

- Confident talking about your top strengths and skills
- Fully aware as to how your knowledge, experience, and exposure to date aligns to the position
- Optimistic and excited about meeting with your potential new employer
- Positive and assured that you are a great fit for the role, and the best candidate for the job!

Interview Coaching sessions including one to one interview coaching, resources, exercises and tools start at €180 + VAT (discounts available when combined with mock interview coaching)

If you are looking for professional support and assistance in the run up to a job interview, contact Melissa today to discuss how Your Career Coach can support you to achieve your career goals and land the job of your dreams.

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Resume writing can be a massive's time consuming, and for many people it's tough to get right.

Here are 4 top tips to draft your perfect resume:

  1.  Use a consistent font and format that’s easy to digest. Most recruiters are scanning for key words that match what they are looking for. Make their job easier by laying out the resume in easy to read format
  2. Use bullet points and keep the resume to 1-2 pages maximum. Be specific about your experience, skills and strengths
  3. Highlight the greatest successes you have had in each role. Feel proud of your achievements -the Company wants to meet candidates that have done great things at previous workplaces
  4. Include all qualifications, skills, and role accountabilities you hold/have held that are relevant to the role you have applied for (look at the job ad and pull from this what the Company is looking for so they easily find this on your CV) Get rid of any “fluff” or unnecessary information that the Company won’t care about!

If all else fails, know that resume writing takes many years to master, and if you need assistance, contact Melissa today for Executive Resume Writing Support!

Executive Resume Writing Package including one to one resume coaching session, resources, tools and executive resume creation €320 + VAT (discounts available when combined with mock interview coaching)
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The Career Transformation Program

This program is designed and structured to help corporate professionals experience a massive transformation in their career, and get results quickly.

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Is this Program for You?

Melissa works with corporate professionals who are tired of spinning their wheels, re-living each day at work without the career fulfillment or success they want and deserve.

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How does it work?

Depending on where you are on your career journey, career coaching can assist with many things. From finding clarity on your vision for the future, to understanding your passion and purpose in life...and how this fits into your dream role.

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What do you get?

In completing this program, you will learn the exact systems & frameworks, as well as the best mindset tools that every professional needs to be successful. Melissa will coach and support you to achieve these in simple, easy-to-follow steps, so that you can find career success quickly & easily.

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Corporate Coaching

Through our sister Company, HR Support Ireland, we can offer bespoke HR and Corporate Coaching packages for dedicated corporate clients at organisation-wide or project-wide levels.

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Globally, clients come to Melissa seeking support in Career Transformation. For many people, a rich and fulfilling career means establishing their own business.

Through the New Business Package, Melissa can support any new business owner to:

- Understand and drill down into their niche market and ideal client
- Ascertain their social media marketing and who/how they are attracting as their dream client
- Help to imagine in practical and very real terms what their day to day operation will look like
- Guide people through the comms, up-selling and selling process so that they have a good understanding of their sales strategy as they establish their new business

The New Business Package will also include a number of tools, resources and assignments designed to help focus the mind and achieve the career success of your dreams.

If you are looking to establish a new business, or take a hobby or part time role you have been dabbling in to full time, contact Melissa today to discuss how Your Career Coach can support your new business goals and dreams.

New Business Clarity Package including career coaching session, resources, tools and assignments starts at €220 + VAT (discounts available where applicable. Terms and Conditions apply)

Humm Payment Options

Humm offers interest-free, flexible payment plans to help you split the cost of your coaching purchase or package into smaller installments. Through humm, you can spend up to €5,000 over 10 weeks to 3 years.

How Humm Works

Simply decide how much you'd like to borrow and click on the link below to apply for the amount you like. Typical repayments start from around €20 per week. Click on the link below to apply today!

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Direct Payment Options

Alternative payment plans can be made directly through Your Career Coach over a 3-6 month repayment period. Minimum deposit of €200 is accepted for all payment plans.

Pricelist 2023:

Speak to Melissa Stone, Your Career Coach for a full list of services and package costs.

Melissa has spent over 20 years' at Senior HR Director & Executive Coaching level, having worked in Ireland, the UK, Australasia and the United States across a range of different industries and sectors. While this allowed her the opportunity to understand:
- what Hiring Managers are really looking for at interview
- what it means to be an effective and inspirational leader, and
- what it truly takes to find success at work

.... until she established her own business, she was limited to working only with those within her network or place of employment.

Today, Melissa owns her own business, free from the restraint of in-house coaching or consulting. 

By providing the tools and resources people need to break through beliefs, create confidence, & build the right strategy to take control of their careers, Melissa helps to empower clients through even the most challenging of career crossroads, job interviews, and new business establishment to achieve career success.

Contact Melissa for an obligation-free discussion on how Your Career Coach can help you to find career fulfillment and achieve career success today.

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